No matter which payment method you use, clicking the Pay Now button is the fastest way to pay on FXproSoft.

How To Pay

How you pay for items you buy on FXproSoft depends on the payment options offered by the seller. Before you bid, read the item description carefully to learn what kinds of payment methods the seller accepts..
Cash, checks, and other non-secure methods aren't allowed for most FXproSoft purchases, with a few exceptions.

All sellers offer at least one of the approved electronic payment methods PayPal, or ROBOKASSA accept credit card payments through their merchant credit card account. (When you pay with a credit card using the Pay Now button, your seller never sees your credit card number.).
In some circumstances, there may also be the option of payment upon pickup, where you can use whatever payment method the seller specifies, including cash.

To pay for an item:

  • 1. Click the Buy It Now button.
  • 2. Check your shipping information. If you need to correct or update anything, click the Change shipping address link.
  • 3. Select a payment method.
  • 4. Click the Continue button.
  • 5. Confirm your payment. Make sure your shipping details, payment method, and order details are correct.
  • 6.Click the Confirm Your Payment button. You'll receive an email confirming receipt of your payment and letting you know when your item will ship.

Sellers can't require you to use payment methods that aren't allowed on FXproSoft or weren't described in the listing. If a seller wants to change payment methods after a listing ends, you can still pay using one of the methods mentioned in the original listing.

Should you have questions please email:

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